Climate change is already influencing, and will continue to influence, the dynamics and impacts of agricultural pests in the Cariboo region. During the Cariboo Adaptation Strategy planning process of the BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative, stakeholders identified a number of agricultural pests of concern. This process also highlighted a significant gap in regional monitoring.

Consultations were conducted using a survey and an interview process. These were used to develop lists of priority regional agricultural pests. A ranking was assigned to these current and emerging weeds, insects, diseases and other threats. The ranking was based on individual pest’s current and potential distributions if unmanaged. It also factors in the scale and severity of their impacts on various types of regional agricultural production, and the existing research, monitoring and/or management support.

The consultations, combined with a separate literature review, was used to inform this ranking. It also helped to identify a gaps in regional extension, monitoring and research work. Potential project partners were identified. Six recommendations are put forward in the report below to support pest management in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.

Access the final report here:

Cariboo – Priority Pests: Scan, Consultation & Action Plan