December 15, 2022, UPDATE Thank you for your interest in the Silvopasture Knowledge Transfer Plan. Stakeholder input is now closed.

January 20, 2023, UPDATE The Silvopasture Knowledge Transfer Plan is complete. Thank you to all who provided input. For access to the completed document, please contact the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food (AF)

Your Participation is Welcomed

The British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food (AF) is developing a Five-Year Knowledge Transfer Plan for Silvopasture in BC. I’m pleased to be coordinating the development of this plan under the direction of a diverse and knowledgeable project steering committee.

Do you have experience in using silvopastoral methods, or an interest in learning more about silvopasture? Your input would be welcomed into the development of the Knowledge Transfer Plan. Start by completing one of the two surveys listed below. One is designed for producers (agricultural, woodlot managers, both new or experienced). The second is designed primarily for professionals (Agrologists, Biologists, Foresters and Planners) in British Columbia that use, or are interested in using silvopastoral practices.

To assist AF in developing this plan your participation is welcomed in an online survey to help better understand your interests, aspirations, concerns and priorities. These surveys will allow AF to profile silvopasture production practices and interests throughout BC and understand your motivation for using silvopasture. The surveys will allow you to rate support topics and support methods: how you prefer to learn and receive information.

The survey should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Please feel free to pass these links onto others in BC with an interest in improved access to silvopasture information and support. The surveys will be open until August 31, 2022.

Before completing the survey, you can review some general information on silvopasture in BC.

Interviews and Focus Groups

If you are willing to provide additional assistance and share your interests and ideas please participate in an interview or a focus group. Interviews will begin this summer and focus groups will be held in the fall.

To participate in an interview or focus group please use the site’s contact form to provide your name, email address and phone number.

Notice of Collection of Information

Survey responses are intended to be anonymous, and data will be used in amalgamated form only. The purpose of the survey is to assist the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food in developing a Five-Year Knowledge-Transfer Plan for Silvopasture. Participants are also needed for interviews and focus groups to help identify and provide direction on the development of new silvopasture communication approaches and products for BC.

If you wish to further participate in development of the Knowledge Transfer Plan, you will be asked to submit contact information at the end of the survey (through a web link). It is optional for you to provide contact information. Your contact information is collected under section 26(c) and 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purposes explained above. Contact information provided will not be used to associate your identity with your survey responses.

Personal Information Reminder

Please do enter personal details/information in the survey. If you wish to provide contact information to participate further in this project, you will be directed (through a web link) to a new form to submit your contact information. Otherwise, if personal information is provided it will be removed to maintain anonymity and use of the information in aggregated form only.


Funding for the development of the Five-Year Knowledge Transfer Plan for Silvopasture has been provided by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership – a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.